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Coupon # Description Saving Promotion Code Expiration / conditions
Coupon 1 Get art painting at 25% off (value up to $2097*), plus free shipping to Canada and US (value up to $300, and includes a shipping wooden crade*) and no TAX (13% savings - up to $908 *). up to $2955* 725 Guarantied only until 11.11 pm EDT today
Coupon 3 Free Shipping for orders over $100 - limited time offer up to $300 depends size and type... 725 or SHIPPING Guarantied only until 11.11 pm EDT today

*) Values are calculated based on the painting's price, special shipping crade's sizes and shipping locations.  Please note that we build special wooden crades for paintings 24x30 inches or larger.  We normally ship smaller paintings in cartoon boxes.