Giclee Art Prints on paper, canvas and embellished - comparison-review table

Giclee prints give you joy with most awesome colors and beautiful sharp pictures, because they have a higher resolution than offset lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than serigraph. Giclee reproductions are used to produce museum quality, fine art reproductions. In the art world it is generally regarded as the highest quality reproduction available.
See comparison of giclee art prints on paper, canvas and elite embellished on canvas below. 
Features of the art print
Giclee print on paper
Standard giclee print on canvas
Elite embellished print on canvas
Does it look like an original art painting?
It has great realistic colors, like an original painting. However paper doesn't have texture of the canvas like the original art painting and a print is flat.
It's looks closer to an original art painting than  a print on paper, because it's printed on canvas with a texture similar to original art work. It has great realistic colors, like on the original painting. But it’s the flat print.
Yes, it does. It looks like an original art painting, because the artist uses brushstrokes of a real paint or a clear acrylic gel to add a texture and depth to the canvas print. Some prints have magically glowing in dark effects, because, the artist uses special paint, that accumulates light and releases it at night. By doing this, the artist creates a unique work of art, which adds great value. Elena Khomoutova does embellishing of prints herself. It's printed on canvas with the texture similar to the original artwork.
Could I use a wet fabric to clean a print?
Yes, you could use only pure distilled water and soft fabric to clean the art print.
Can I frame it without a glass protection?
No, it has to be protected by glass.
How many prints in the limited edition?
only 77 prints of each paper size
only 77 prints of each canvas size
only 77 embellished prints on canvas

Why to get museum quality art prints from


Because of the following:

  1. The Art prints are created by the Artist with intention to bring only positive energy, Good Luck and more... to you and your family. 
  2. You and your grandchildren for several generations will enjoy brilliant colors of prints, because it was printed on the museum quality paper, canvas, archival quality inks and printed by the artist itself.  
  3. Do you know about your amazing power within? It's not just beautiful art prints! It's a metaphysical power tool to unlock your amazing energy within for more Good Luck, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, Healing, Slow Aging, Peace, Joy, Creativity and more...
It will give you many years of joy with awesome colors, because prints are on great paper, that has a special protective layer to preserve vibrant colors for more then 70 years.
It will give you many years of joy with awesome colors, because we use great archival inks and cover prints with special  protective layers from both sides of the print (top and bottom). It's unique feature, because most companies do just top protective layers or none and water vapor could make colors to fade... But we adding great value to our art prints and use the best materials and methods we know.  That is why we protect canvas art prints from both sides.