How to choose your Baby & Children room art decor

Do you know that art decoration could bring good or bad energy to your baby or kid?

Albert-Einstein - Everything is energy how do your baby children room art decorAlbert Einstein - Nobel Prize Laureate in physics said: "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. "
How are you choosing a decor for your baby's or children room?

  Do you want to find out how to avoid bringing bad energy to your baby's or your children's room during decoration? Then read on...  and you will bring a good one!

  1. First of all - find out more about artist. Read the artist's statement and see what artist is aiming to bring you. Some artist's intention to bring a healing energy through art to your baby, some could bring dark energy. 
  2. Look through the art works and watch your heart feelings about the art... If you feel good about it, then you could see if the art will be in harmony with color of furniture and wallpaper and....
  3. If you can not afford an art painting, you could choose an art print. In this case it's important to do not only above 2 recommendations...  See who is printing it. In some cases to make it cheaper it could be printed overseas and print could bring energy of those who printed it. It's the best if an artist himself will print it for you. This is the best approach...
  4. The cheapest print is not always the best. In most cases you will get what you pay for. The most important what kind of energy it will bring to your baby's room. But you should also check up information about how long the print will stay without fading.  Sometime the colors will fade after 4-5 months of the cheap prints. So check up this information before buying a print.
  5. Above suggestions are most important for choosing baby's room decor, because they are most vulnerable.  But choosing art for children's room and even for yourself is important too. So choose your decor wisely...