Multidimensional Eternal Bliss - for Love & Good Luck - spiritual metaphysical art canvas prints

Multidimensional Eternal Bliss - fine art print
Multidimensional Eternal Bliss - for Love & Good Luck - spiritual metaphysical art canvas prints
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Artist's Intention: to create art to help you in discovering and using your amazing power within to bring Love and Good Luck and...

Title: Multidimensional Eternal Bliss.

Artist: Ottawa artist Elena Khomoutova

Medium: limited edition fine art giclee prints on paper, canvas and embellished prints on canvas. Glowing in dark effects are available only for embellished prints. More about different kind of prints => here...

Sizes: from 10x8 inches (25x20 cm) to  30x24 inches (75 x 60 cm). Check out pull down options below to see all available sizes, types and prices of prints...

Description: Did you find lucky 7 similar art objects and hidden owl on the artwork? They are always at Elena's paintings... Artist uses ancient Feng Shui energy principles in her art and her own life. It may appear very different from your vision of the subject. Try to be open. What do you see on this picture?  Do you have an impression of continuous movement when your eyes follow the line that gradually becomes an edge of some textural 3D plane, turns around the light center and narrows to a new line threading space? Continue visually to trace lines on and on around. It will help to calm your mind, relax your body and easily bring you to meditative state. Remember to breeze deeply and slow. Smile...

While you are busy contemplating and focusing on visual movement, energy of the print will unlock your power within for more Love and Good Luck.  The embellished prints are  magically glowing in a dark.

The print is the awesome gift for Housewarmings, Weddings, Engagements, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Holiday, Christmas, Graduation, any romantic occasion or a magnificent and exciting treat for yourself. It's so good for your home unique decor, your baby's and children's room art decor.

Colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, pink, magenta, cyan

Condition: New

This print is a magic gift, because:

  • It brings beauty and excitement to your home.
  • It helps you to unlock your inner Good Luck energy.
  • It brings love you desire...

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