The only Good Luck Art Gift Card / Certificate that brings aahhhh to your...


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  • Are you looking for a cool Art gift?
  • Exhausted and overwhelmed from a guesswork? 
  • Do you worry that your gift will be disappointingly received?

I know your feelings. It''s always hard for me to choose a gift for somebody else too.

You are in one small easy step from solving this problem!
The solution is  the Good Luck Art Gift Card, because those you Love will choose Good Luck Art they Love
The Art Gift Card is always the perfect gift for Housewarmings, Weddings, Birthdays, Mother''s Day, Father''s Day, and Hockey event, Christmas, Holiday, Graduation, New Year or any special occasion.
Imagine how you will feel if you end your hard guesswork with perfect gift - Art Gift Card. 
Unlimited creativity comes at no extra charge!

Why does this Good Luck Art Gift Card end in aahhhh...?

Elena Emelianova "..I realized that I have received additional energy from the paintings. I felt powerful  ... paintings with powerful, light, spiritual energy..." -Elena Emelianova - Obolensky


  • Because using this card you could get the Art that connects you to  Prosperity, Happiness, Rejuvenation and Light Energy. Happiness is the best gift you could give in a form of Art....
  • Because this is the only Gift Card that I know which allows you to commission a painting you are thrilling about - the painting of your dream.
  • Because you get the gift card tax free, saving 13% ! The shipping and handling of the gift card is free too. This is a very cool but limited time offer


You have great choices of art using the gift card: Hockey, Landscapes, Floral, Feng Shui, Spiritual, Architecture: Paris, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Abstract and commissions. 

Probably you are wondering, that this gift card is too good to be true. It has to have some limitations. Yes, you are right. The Gift Card is only valid for purchases of prints and original paintings by Ottawa artists Elena Khomoutova & Alexander Khomoutov at website. The card has to be used in full for one order. It could be combined with following promotions: free shipping, no tax, except coupons or other gift cards.

Your imagination is the only limit for this Art Gift Card, because you could commission an art painting you love! More then 100 paintings were commissioned and all of them successfully brought those imaginations to life. They brought happiness and joy...
Look what people are saying about Elena's Art, that you could get using the Gift Card: 

Fernando Bello's testimonial "It is amazing how Elena''s art looks in our home ... It is hard to explain it, but the pieces just glow!"-Fernando Bello


Do you know another Gift Card that allows you to commission a painting of your dream? I don''t know either! I know that this Art Gift Card will bring your dream to life.
Imagine how you will feel if you end your hard guesswork with a perfect gift -
the only Art Gift Card that ends in aahhhh....


Remember, I can''t guaranty that you will receive it tax free with free shipping and handling unless you order the  Art Gift Card right now.  Don''t loose this coolest opportunity to make somebody you love to be exciting and happy.
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