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Connect to prosperity energy via metaphysical art print by world renowned artist ...
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Do you want to discover an art way to be prosperous? The "Prosperity" metaphysical limited edition print is created to bring you good luck and connection to prosperity energy. Click on image on the right to enlarge it! Would you like to know what people experienced after they got prosperity Art? Be prepared for something unusual... or do not read further at all. Note that we changed names to protect privacy...Ready? Then read case studies here.
Probably you are wondering about will it work for you or not? The answer is - it depends ... Everyone is unique. Your trust is the key for the success. Any disbelieve will block the prosperity energy. World-renowned artist Elena Khomoutova created this artwork to bring Prosperity to anybody''s life, family, business, investment.... just open your heart for it and trust the process. Artist uses Feng Shui principles in her art. A keyhole on the print is a symbol of being open to great opportunities. Fishes are symbols of Prosperity & good luck. A gold fish is the symbol of money that will come through your door & multiply. Seven similar objects are on this print, with the number 7 representing a good luck and prosperity. Do you know what 7 similar objects are on the print? Put your answer at the note box during check out process. If your guess is right you will get a surprise art bonus... 

Why does this "Prosperity" print end in aahhhh...?

Elena Emelianova`s testimonial "..I realized that I have received additional energy from the paintings. I felt powerful  ... paintings with powerful, light, spiritual energy..." -Elena Emelianova - Obolensky

Collectable signed and hand numbered limited edition giclee prints are available on paper and canvas. Certificate of Authenticity will be provided and signed by the artist. Order earlier to be on the safe side, because all our prints are limited editions. In the art world giclee prints are generally regarded as the highest museum quality reproduction available. ​We are using one of the best HP papers. The paper has a special layer to preserve colors for more then 82 years. ​The embellished print on canvas is also available. It looks like original, because the artist uses brushstrokes of real paint or clear acrylic gel to add texture and depth to the print. By doing this, the artist creates a unique work of art, which adds great value.  It printed on canvas with texture similar to original art work. See comparison of different kinds of prints here. Pick options what you desire below.

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Fernando Bello's testimonial "It is amazing how Elena's art looks in our home ... It is hard to explain it, but the pieces just glow!"
-Fernando Bello

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