"Rejuvenation Magic" - for anti aging - fine art print

"Anti Aging Magic" - metaphysical energy fine art prints on paper, canvas and embellished
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  • Do you want to discover an art way to slow down your aging?
  • Exhausted and overwhelmed from your search?
  • Still not sure what to do?

I know your feelings. I was searching for the solution myself for a long time. I found it and now sharing it with you.
2014 is a magnificent year, because some new energies became available. Before only masters were able to use those energies to slow down aging. Lee Carrol (who is channeling Kryon) very successfully use those energies for 5 years. On 15th of April 2014 during my meditation I was granted to slow down my aging. During the same meditation I was granted to use those energies to slow down aging for other people through my digital art. I knew that this is slow process, but I found some progress already:

  • Sharpening of memory
  • My heel was healed too

The improvements are not so big, but I just started it 39 days ago. You are in one small easy step from slowing down your aging too, because you just discovered a magic artwork. It's not just Art, it's Empowering Tool for your slow aging wish to come true. Do you know about tremendous power within you for any wishes to come true? Metaphysical energy art unlocks this power for your Rejuvenation.

Alexander Khomoutov created metaphysical fractal digital art "Anti Aging Magic" for you. Probably you are wondering about will it work for you or not? The answer is - it depends ... Everyone is unique. Your trust is the key for the success. Any disbelieve will block the energy. Just open your heart for it and trust the process.

Collectable signed and hand numbered limited edition giclee prints are available on paper and canvas. Certificate of Authenticity will be provided and signed by the artist. Order earlier to be on the safe side, because all our prints are limited editions.  In the art world giclee prints are generally regarded as the highest museum quality reproduction available. We are using one of the best HP papers. The paper has a special layer to preserve colors for more then 82 years.  The embellished print on canvas is also available. It looks like original, because the artist uses brushstrokes of real paint or clear acrylic gel to add texture and depth to the print. By doing this, the artist creates a unique work of art, which adds great value.  It printed on canvas with texture similar to original art work. See comparison of different kinds of prints  here. Pick options what you desire below.

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Imagine how will you feel if you have the print right now, and your aging is slowing down! Note that the print is the limited edition and could be sold out sooner as you think.

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