"Seventh Sense" - for intuition and good luck- metaphysical art canvas & paper prints

"Seventh Sense" - limited edition giclee print by Ottawa artist Elena Khomoutova
"Seventh Sense" art print
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Artist's Intention: to create the art for Intuition, Good Luck and more...

Title: Seventh Sense

Artist: Ottawa artist Elena Khomoutova

Medium: limited edition fine art giclee prints on paper, canvas and embellished prints on canvas. More about different kind of prints => here...

Sizes: from 12x12 inches (305x305 mm) to  24x24 inches (610 x 610 mm). Check out pull down options below to see all available sizes, types and prices of prints...

Description: Did you find lucky 7 similar art objects and hidden owl on the artwork? They are always at Elena's paintings... Artist uses ancient Feng Shui energy principles in her art and her own life. She created it to bring intuition and good luck. The lily was a symbol of the Greek goddess Hera (Roman: Juno), again showing purity and innocence. One tale tells of lilies springing up from drops of milk spilled from Hera’s breast as she nursed Heracles.
This print is for your baby girl and children's room art decor for good luck and intuition. The print is also the awesome gift for Housewarmings, Weddings, Engagements, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Holiday, Christmas, or a magnificent and exciting treat for yourself. It's so good for your home unique decor.

Colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, pink, magenta, cyan

Condition: NewI

This print is a magic gift, because:

  • It brings beauty and excitement to your home.
  • It helps you to unlock your inner Good Luck energy.
  • It brings intuition and peace to your home...

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