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"Opening to Love" - metaphysical Feng Shui Original fine art Painting - for Love and Good Luck

Opening to Love - metaphysical original art painting by world renowned Ottawa artist Elena Khomoutova - view showing painted edges
Opening to Love - metaphysical spiritual Feng Shui art painting - for Love and Good Luck

Artist's Intention: to create art to help you in discovering and using your amazing potentials to bring you more love, good luck, and...
Title: Opening to Love
Artist: Ottawa artist Elena Khomoutova
Size: 20x20x1.5 inches (51 x 51 x 3.8 centimeters)
Medium: acrylic on gallery stretched cotton canvas. Textured acrylic medium, mirror paint, metallic and interference paints add shining effects when exposed to natural or artificial light. Painting changes its appearance when observed from different angles. All edges are painted as continuation of the painting. See images. No frame is required. It is ready to hang on your wall right away. Painting has a heavy-duty protective topcoat that allows wet cleaning with a soft moist cloth. It is resistant to water, abrasion, impact, stains, chemicals and UV rays.
Colors: yellow, orange, red, violet, azure, blue, green, rose, pink
Condition: New

Price: $2,477.00
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