Ottawa artist - Elena Khomoutova

Elena Khomoutova is world-renowned artist Elena Khomoutova (Lena) was born in Moscow, Russia. She is painting since six years old. She completed her art education at the Fine Art Faculty of Moscow University in 1985.

Since 1992 Elena lives in Canada. Many ideas for art works were inspired by discussions with her husband Alexander. Her budgie Gosha has a very artistic spirit too. He is often sitting on Elena's shoulder and singing or talking when she is painting and giving her a lot of inspiration. Elena appreciates very much Gosha's input and Alexander's help and inspiration. Her signature has a capital letter "A" at the end for Alexander and a wing for Gosha.

Seven similar objects and symbolic image of an owl figure in her romantic landscapes. The number 7 represents a good luck and prosperity, and the owl - wisdom of Love and oneness with Creator of All That Is. Elena's aim is to bring the good luck and wisdom to everybody who will see her paintings or prints. Elena uses the visual art as the unique tool for the spiritual connection.

Elena Khomoutova is Ottawa artist. UNICEF and other publishers printed millions of Elena's art cards and distributed them in more than 60 countries around the world.

Elena's original art works and limited edition canvas and paper art prints hang in private and corporate collections in many countries including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA and other countries.