owl art - symbol of wisdom - art prints and paintings

Seven similar objects and symbolic image of an owl figure in romantic art paintings and prints of Ottawa Artist Elena Khomoutova. The number 7 represents a good luck and prosperity, and the owl is the symbol of wisdom of Love and oneness with Creator of All That Is. Elena's aim is to bring the good luck and wisdom to everybody who will see her paintings or prints. Elena uses the visual art as the unique tool for the spiritual connection.
owl art painting and art prints by Ottawa Artist Elena KhomoutovaSometime the owl is obvious, but in most of time the owl is hidden. So some people spend hours to find the real owl. In most cases Elena hides just one owl, but in few cases she done 7 hidden owls in one painting. For now nobody found all of them without Elena's help. The best result was 6 owls and with partial Elena's help. We are planning to create an art print of the painting sometime this year. So you could try to find yourself.  For now could you find one owl at the "Magic Of Notre Dame De Bonsecours" painting HEAR. Good luck and have a magic experience.