Do you want to Improve Your Immune System during COVID-19 outbreak?

☯ Would you like to improve your immune system? It takes a few minutes of your time. Join the healing session with Alexander Khomoutov now and every Thursday after that. Alexander is the author of a series of Healing books. It will comprise 3 parts: Part one (2 minutes). Relaxing and preparing yourself for meditation. Starts at 11.09 am (PST/PDT—Pacific Standard Time, or 2.09 pm EST/EDT Eastern Standard Time or 7.08 GMT—Greenwich meantime. Part two (2 minutes). Healing Session to Improve Your Immune System.

Answer a question about your energy during COVID-19 outbreak

Question: Thanks for the wallpaper. That was kind. What I'd really like to see from you is how to protect our energies. Nearly everyone is very tense right now and I can sense it. And it increases my tension.
When I am able to get good sleep and rest, I am usually the person who can lighten up the energy of the room.  Sleep and health is poor right now so I'm not able to do that.

Answers to your questions…

After the release of my book “Heal Yourself”, I received questions from readers. The following are some of the answers that have resulted from those conversations.
Q: Can I use the sway method to heal my anxiety?  Also can I use it for my son’s college admission?  Thank you.  
A: Yes, you could use Quantum DNA method to heal anxiety. Any Applied Kinesiology methods will work to communicate with your Quantum DNA. We are all unique, so the methods that will work best for us might be different. I used the Sway method because it worked best for me. In my book you could find several chapters with other methods I personally have used. Choose one that works best for you. Please note, that during your communication with DNA focus on what you want to achieve (opposite to anxiety) – calmness, mindfulness and serenity.
But most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. At the moment you believe in yourself you will succeed.
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"Blue on Pink Butterfly" for healing and good luck - awesome HD wallpapers for Apple iPhones, Samsung, Android smart-phones and other mobile phonesDo you like to bring healing? Would you like to be luckier? Do you love to bring more joy into your life? I was on the long search for the solution for myself too... I found it, and I am sharing all with you. It's not just beautiful art! It's a powerful tool.  The awesome abstract Monarch "Yellow on Pink Butterfly" art wallpaper for your phone unlocks your amazing power within to bring healing, good luck and joy and they will be always with you in your phone. Read on to discover more about it...

Do you love yourself first?

Do I love myself first? I’d love too, however I have to confess. From time to time, I catch myself forgetting to love myself first. For example, today I caught myself rushing to check my emails. I was doing it before my positive affirmations and energy exercises. I have to do those exercises before anything else. So, I turned my computer off, did all of my exercises, and then went back to my computer.


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