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Praise for Light From Art:

"Positive energy vibrant colors, happiness and light. These are qualities found in the work of artist Elena Khomoutova..."
Sydney Steel. Stittsville News. EMC.

"Meditation, Mozart and burning candles can immediately bring to mind a soothing image evoking feelings of serenity.
But they don't paint a picture of how you'd expect the average teen to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon.
Yet that was the scene that unfolded in a studio space tucked inside the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, where a group of teens attended a special workshop led by a husband-and-wife team on the power of peace through art...  While not all of the teens had a background in art or painting, Samson said they did well with the workshop and enjoyed the experience, adding that meditation and the burning candle lent to the peaceful atmosphere created by the artists."
Lauren La Rose, THE CANADIAN PRESS (about a workshop by Elena Khomoutova and Alexander Khomoutov at the National Gallery of Canada). Read  the original article here.

"It is amazing how Elena's art looks in our home ... It is hard to explain it, but the pieces just glow!"
-Fernando Bello

"Thanks a lot for your very pleasant cooperation.
...Only those who see the invisible can achieve the impossible. "
-Michel Landreville, Director General, Publi-Tact

"Dear Mrs. Khomoutova:
...I had the opportunity to present pieces of work to key dignitaries on my recent trip to Japan and Taiwan. Amongst others, examples of your work were presented to Governor Suzuki of Metropolitan Tokyo and the Deputy Mayor of Osaka, Mr. Eiichi Sakaguchi.
...Your work was positively commented on by everyone who received them for their uniqueness.
I trust that I shall have the opportunity to present other examples of your charming work in the future."

-Jacquelin Holzman, Mayor of Ottawa


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